The Age of Basquiat

As Black History Month comes to a close I wanted to shed light on someone who is forever immortalized in popular culture. The iconic Jean-Michel Basquiat. This Haitian/Puerto Rican-American from Brooklyn managed to make the transition from graffiti artist to the most sought after Neo-Expressionists of the 20th Century.  His art work appeared uncontrived and […]

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Liebster Award…Who Me!?

What a surprise to open WordPress today and see I received my very first nomination by for the Liebster Award. His refreshing blog is filled with positivity and realness that is lacking in today’s society please check him out. I am humbled by this nomination from my new blogger friend from afar. Thanks for the […]

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The Outfit Remedy

Yesterday I woke up not feeling so great. There was really no particular reason for this feeling; I wasn’t feeling stressed or sad about anything. Recently I have started to pay attention to these moments where I feel “out of sorts” and made a decision to just be thankful as well as grateful to be. […]

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A Fresh New Start

Life is short. If I had a dollar for every time I heard that statement I’d have an extra 10k in the bank. It’s definitely true. With the passing of so many celebrities from my childhood leaving this world unexpectedly in the last few years I have had to rethink my life. Having a President […]

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Why so territorial?

So it seems that after 3 hours of putting together my introductory blog it has disappeared. I’m not really sure what I did wrong but I wanted to vent as well as ask this question mainly to women. Why are we so territorial? I’m a professional model that has always kept a side job because […]

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